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  • Marvin Minsky , besides conceiving Artificial Intelligence, did much to bring Nanotechnology to the fore. He built the first micromanipulator in 1954, with a resolution of about 100 nanometers. With a little encouragement, this might have become the Atomic-Force Microscope three decades before its eventual realization. He also invented the Scanning Confocal Microscope, and the first fractal-like robot, an antecedent of the Overtool.
  •  The Nanomanipulator. Recently, this group has hooked up a Virtual Reality interface to a Scanning, Tunneling Microscope (STM), which effectivly allows a person to move single atoms around with their hands and eyes.
  •  If you are looking for something a little less prosaic than the Overtool, check out: The Transhuman Web Alliance - "Transhuman resources".
  •  Joseph Michael is an English inventor who has independently conceived robotic cubes in the

 Cellular Automata, CAM's

  • Eugene Leitl has done some interesting work on (among other things) a protein based, laser powered and I/Oed, form of a nanotech Cellular Automata Machine. More information is at the "Weird Science" page at:
  •  The Santa Fe Institute does research on Artificial Life, Cellular Automata, and related topics.

 Nanotechnology Pages

  •  The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing is the pioneer organization for the implementation of Molecular Nanotechnology.
  •  The Nanocomputer Dream Team is a worldwide project with the modest goal of developing a molecular nanotechnolgy "super"computer within about 15 years.

 Space Travel

  • The Electromagnetic Propulsion Homepage is devoted to "Mass Drivers", aka "Coil Guns", aka "Electromagnetic Catapults".
  •  The Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group is a chapter of the National Space Society. Their directive is to explore and promote the (theoretical, for now) use of molecular nanotechnology in the construction of aerospacecraft and spacecraft. This approach, if it is feasible, will certainly open the Universe to us.

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